Thursday, 25 July 2013

Tattoos Shop In Irvine

Tattoo shops in Irvine have gained so much popularity; the tattoo culture is indeed thriving in this city, and the opening of new and amazing tattoo shops proves the fact. Unluckily, along with some good shops, some tattoo shops are also present in this city which one should surely avoid. Sites like can direct a person in finding the perfect place by showing the professional skills, quality of service and neatness of the work of those artists who are much better than others in this profession.
If one is looking for a tattoo shop that provides specific design of the tattoo’s like Celtic, pin-ups, mash up (prices of tattoos vary from design to design) then the images section of this site can also guide him towards the best destination. These sites also help in booking a tattoo appointment with the artist or shop of the person’s choice, so that he could have the best experience of having a tattoos in Irvine.
Most of the tattoo shops in this city are occasionally known as “tattoo parlors” or “tattoo studios” and sometimes even “tattooists”.
Some of the famous tattoo shops in Irvine include;
  • Inkling Tattoo Gallery
  • Ghost Wolf Tattoo
  • GoodfellasTattoo
  • All American Tattoo and Body Studio
  • A-Town Tattoo
  • Good Time Charlie's Tattoo Land
  • Blind Nobility Tattoos
Another important factor on which one should look at before choosing a shop is, whether this shop is legitimate or not. There are some hints that show the legitimacy of any shop, the legitimate shops always follow the health protocols as defined by city or state and also have a proper licensing. These shops are neat and clean and sometimes even give a look like in a doctor’s office.
Also, the legitimate shops having proper up-to-date operating license also show their provided services, workstations and tools (which they use in tattoo making) to all of its customers in order to gain their trust and it’s never a problem to ask the artists about shop’s awards, affiliations and some other credentials too. But it still seems better to review the artist’s profile, work and working area and his behavior with his clients before finally choosing a tattoo artist.
Some reviews of those who visited a tattoo shop in Irvine:
  • “When I went into the shop it was for my first tattoo and they welcomed me with open arms. And I could talk to the artists and get a feel for everyone and look at their work. I met Brandi and we just clicked and she was great. I told her what I was looking for. So we made 3 appointments right then to make sure I get in and when I came back to start she drew up exactly what I wanted. I didn’t have to change a thing. The work she did was amazing and the detail was awesome”
  • “My work was done by David. The work was done on my back and it was a huge piece. The work was very detailed - David was very receptive to my input yet still put forth his own creative vision. I highly recommend this shop (as I have to several of my friends) they are definitely worth checking out”
  • “I got tattooed by Wade a couple nights ago, couldn't be happier with it. I will definitely be going back, no doubt. All the artists are widely talented”

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Pros and Cons of Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoo making has improved with the passage of time and that is the reason why many people are looking forward to get a tattoo to look prominent. The tattoo shops face huge competition due to great demand for the service. There is a great desire among the customers to have the tattoo from the best artist in their locality to get a professional service. If you are living in Venice you might have noticed that the tattoo shops not only excel in delivering quality but also leave their customers extremely satisfied. Always get a tattoo in Venice from the best tattoo shop that has years of experience in the business.
It is not vital that a tattoo will remain for life time on your body. There are several treatments available in the market that not only help you in tattoo removal but also deliver the service without any pain. Like many other fields, advanced tattoo removal processes have been introduced that not only free the customers from anxiety but also provide a service with minimum cash outflow. The laser treatment for tattoo removal is one of those types. The pros and cons of laser tattoo removal are mentioned as under:
Pros of laser tattoo removal:
  1. Laser tattoo removal is a noninvasive process that involves no bleeding and this makes it a preferred option over other tattoo removal techniques.
  2. The laser treatment has a very high success percentage and many people report complete removal of the tattoo after the process.
  3. The laser treatment has become really popular and you can easily get the service in your locality.
  4. The laser treatment offers speedy cures and the patient does not have to wait for months for the recovery. This is the key benefit of this treatment and helps in developing an edge over other services.
  5. This treatment reduces worries among the customers who link tattoo removal with a big surgery involving excessive bleeding. This laser removal is free from bleeding and you can have it done without any pain whatsoever.
Cons of laser tattoo removal:
  1. This treatment can cause allergic reactions in patients who have already an allergy problem or who are prone to get allergy more often. Thus it is always advised to discuss the potential allergy risks with the doctor.
  2. Some people can get infections after the laser treatment but the ratio is too small. The doctors prescribe various antibiotic medicines to cure the infections and also provide skin care ointments to reduce any skin problem.
  3. The patient may report changes in the color of skin due to pigmentation. The reactions vary with light or dark skin tones depending on every customer type.
  4. Some risks of scars also exist in this case but the chances are very rare.
Laser removal of a tattoo is a viable option and this treatment should be considered as a priority whenever you decide for removing a tattoo.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

From Taboo to Tattoos

tattoo cover The inking of tattoos on the body has been an ancient trend since many thousand years and with the passage of time, it has not only been made a vast field, but also has gained immense popularity among people around the globe. In ancient times, during the classic Greek period, tattooing was only common among slaves. In ancient China, tattoos had been associated with criminals and bandits since at least the Zhou Dynasty, Tattooing Chinese characters such as "Prisoner" on convicted criminals' or slaves' faces was practiced until the last dynasty, the Qing Dynasty (1644 to 1912). In ancient Japan,  between 1720 and 1870 criminals were tattooed as a visible mark of punishment; this actually replaced having ears and noses removed and these people had no place in "decent society" and were frowned upon. 
But later on, as time passed tattooing became a trade mark for fashion and style and Tattooist transformed into “Tattoo Artists”: men and women with fine art backgrounds began to enter the profession alongside the older, traditional tattooists. As various kinds of social movements progressed bodily inscription crossed class boundaries, and became common among the general public.  The  clientele changed from sailors, bikers, and gang members to the middle and upper class.
tattooWomen have always played a very important role in spreading the art of inking and adorning the body parts with various designs. From the ancient times to present day, Henna and Mehndi have been an important part of a woman’s embellishment in the subcontinent. The weddings and festivals are thought to be incomplete without this traditional, ancient tattooing technique. In the West however,  The earliest appearance of tattoos on women were in the circus in the late 1800s. At that time, these women were distinguished from others and were labeled as ‘’The Tattooed ladies’’. They had their face, neck, hands and feet covered with different carvings and often used to perform in theaters and circus.
In the present day world, the inking of body parts has become so common and is admired in almost every part of the world that it has become a style symbol, which inspires infinite number of people. Even in today’s world, however, there are some people who think that tattoos portray a sign of rebellious nature and attitude and take it as taboo thing, but people with optimistic, liberal thoughts believe that this is just a symbol of art and design.

Earlier, it was believed that tattoo causes hindrance in one’s professional life and that people with tattoos don’t get jobs and are considered merely bikers and non-serious vagabonds, but as the world changed and technology took over, with that the mentality of a common man also transformed and he began to develop the ability to absorb and accept the unusual things and behaviors of fellow human beings. Tattoos have travelled a long journey starting from a taboo thing in ancient past to being one of the most admired trends in the fashion world.